“Thanks so much for becoming a PMi “Partner” while you were helping us develop the software for our Performance-based Compensation Plan. We were and remain gratified with your intense listening skills that ensured that you actually “got it.” It was very comforting to know that you understood what we were looking for, sometimes before we did. That anticipation not only shortened the development cycle but at the same time, it preempted problems down the road.

It didn’t hurt that your technical expertise was well beyond our expectations even to the point of being able to translate technical language to plain English. As it turned out, that was very important to our financial services and CVB clients and ended up being fully integrated into our communication and training programs.

Establishing a very easy personal relationship instead of a strict business relationship helped a great deal as well, in particular making yourself available when we needed help right away. It seems simple, but given that we’ve been in business for 24 years and have had relationships with many software firms, we understand that it not always so easy and we are grateful.”
– David Camner, Senior Partner, Performance Management, Inc.

“So far all is well!!  We are very happy with the system and the work that you did for us.  You have been there every step of the way and for that a big THANK YOU!!”
– Eric Rogers, Long Island Candy and Toy

“Thank you so much for designing and building the Launch Learning database software. This system will dramatically improve the process for managing student assessments and curriculum at Launch Math Achievement Centers.

Prior to engaging BDMG’s services, we relied heavily on cumbersome spreadsheets and paper-based methods to manage the assessment and curriculum process. This was terribly inefficient and placed an unnecessary burden on myself and the entire staff at Launch. BDMG took a unique approach in first understanding our business and subsequently developing an excellent product that was completely catered to our very unique needs.

Scott’s knowledge of business processes, as well as his technical expertise was a refreshing departure from traditional IT/software consultants and, ultimately, made all the difference. This allowed us to focus on what we really needed the system to do, and not get caught up in technical nuances. Furthermore, BDMG’s multi-phase development process ensured that the final product would be exactly what we had expected.

It was a great pleasure working with BDMG and we look forward to our continued relationship.”
– Scott Heifetz, Director, Launch Math Achievement Centers