Recent Projects

Every client has specific needs, unique to their organization. If your particular project requires building a system to solve the problem at hand (not all do), the application is built from scratch and completely customized to your needs. We do not use templates or try to solve problems with pre-packaged solutions.

With that in mind, here are some recently completed projects involving custom-built systems:

  • A web-based data warehouse application for a major metropolitan healthcare provider.
  • A reporting and tracking system for a large social services case management program.
  • An application to fully automate the on-going financial analysis process of a large school system.
  • Transformation of a performance management/compensation system from a bulky and confusing spreadsheet-based environment into a more robust and user friendly database application.

Other recent projects include:

  • Training to back office personnel of a non-profit organization and a municipal agency on efficient data analysis using MS Excel and MS Access.
  • Implementation of streamlined methods for analyzing the financial impact and viability of major collective bargaining agreements for a large municipal agency.