Why a choose a custom solution?

Custom-Built Commercial Product Off the Shelf (COTS)
User Experience Built precisely to your specifications, in order to meet all of your needs.The software evolves with your business to meet changing processes and demands. Fitting a square peg into a round hole. In the end, you will likely be required to change your processes to fit the software.
Unique Needs Your business is unique within its own set of unique internal needs. COTS products often appeal to a wide array of industries.
Long Term Costs Fees are fixed for initial development, as well as for on-going maintenance and support. Enhancements are offered on either a subscription-based model or at a set hourly rate. Long term costs may fluctuate, depending on numerous factors (i.e. change of service plans, levels of support, licensing fee increases).
Upgrades Can be done on your timeline, catered to your evolving needs. Vendor determines the type of upgrades and the frequency, based on the general needs of its overall customer-base. Your request for new features may get ignored if it doesn’t benefit the larger base.
Competitive Advantage You can leverage the unique features and functionality inherent in the custom solution to give you a significant competitive advantage. Many of your competitors are using the same COTS products.
Long Term Relationship BDMG is your partner for the long-haul. However, because there may be circumstances beyond our control, we have a detailed contingency plan, assuring uninterrupted service. What is the vendor’s contingency plan if they go out of business?
Privacy and Securitye

BDMG uses the latest technologies (i.e. transparent data encryption) to ensure that your data is secure and inaccessible to prying eyes.

All applications are built with a rigid security framework that manages access to data at cascading gateways.

Different COTS products have different security strategies. It is important to know how your data is being secured. You should request technical documentation which addresses privacy and security.

The more widely used a commercial product is, the bigger the pay-off there is in hacking into it.